Home Improvement with Energy Saving

With the price of gas and electricity continuing to rise and an increasing need to conserve the earth’s natural resources, everyone is looking for ways to make their property more energy efficient. Luckily there are plenty of home improvements you can make which will result in a real difference to overall energy consumption. Most people are aware of basic energy saving measures such as ensuring their property has adequate insulation and fitting double glazing, but what about less well-known suggestions such as making sure you have adequate underlay under carpet or laminate flooring and fitting draft excluding tape around doors to minimise the winter chill?
Detailed below are a few ideas which you may not have thought of to get your energy consumption down.

Energy saving light bulbs are a superb investment which not only use less energy than their energy guzzling counterparts, but also last much longer as well. They are suitable for most areas in your home and give out as much illumination as older types of bulb. Remember to switch lights off when not in use and select a low wattage bulb for night lights or other areas where a light will be needed for a protracted period of time.

In addition to switching off lights, it’s worth checking whether you actually need all the illumination you are used to. Light fixings which feature multiple bulbs look decorative but you may be able to get a great effect with just one bulb, which would be far cheaper to run. Carefully vetting your lighting options now is a fantastic way of ensuring you have the lighting you need whilst making positive changes which are certain to make a pleasing lasting difference to your fuel bill and will help the planet as well.